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MapStand specialises in mapping energy infrastructure, oil and gas assets,
and renewable energy projects. Our data seamlessly integrates with all GIS mapping software.

MapStand and Olwg announce working partnership

MapStand is delighted to announced the formation of a working partnership with Olwg, a specialist in developing web apps and ...

Monthly Mashups
MapStand Energy Transition Mashup - January 2022

Welcome to our January 2022 edition of the MapStand Energy Transition Mashup. As our analysts continue to advance our coverage ...

Monthly Mashups
MapStand Oil and Gas Mashup - January 2022

Welcome to our January 2022 edition of the MapStand Oil & Gas Mashup.

As our analysts continue to advance our ...

MapStand Webinar - Renewables
MapStand Webinar Series - Deep dive into 20+ new layers of renewables datasets from the MapStand Platform!

As we continue on our mission to provide low-cost, easy access to geospatial data, we want to make it easy ...

Decarbonisation Green
Utilising integrated geospatial data to support your decarbonisation goals

MapStand provides a single source of geospatial data covering the energy sector from oil and gas to renewables and energy ...

Energy Transition
Global geospatial data to support your energy transition goals

MapStand’s geospatial intelligence is being used by companies across the energy sector - from renewable and integrated energy companies to ...

Net-zero by 2050
Integrated Energy companies looking to achieve net-zero goals

MapStand data is supporting integrated energy companies as they navigate energy transition and identify decarbonisation opportunities. Our integrated oil and ...

Renewables Announcement MapStand
Access Renewable Energy and Energy Transition Data With MapStand’s Latest Update

The MapStand team is thrilled to announce our biggest update since our launch in October 2019. We have added over ...

Elsevier webinar
MapStand & Elsevier Joint Webinar

We are really excited to invite you to join our founder Francis Cram and Sandra Merten, Senior Product Manager at ...