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MapStand specialises in mapping energy infrastructure, oil and gas assets,
and renewable energy projects. Our data seamlessly integrates with all GIS mapping software.

Monthly Mashups
MapStand Monthly Mashup - May 2021

Welcome to the first ever Energy Transition Mashup.

As our analysts continue to advance our coverage of news and activities ...

MapStand Webinar-Series

As we continue on our mission to provide low-cost, easy access to geospatial data, we want to make it easy ...

Integrated Energy Datasets within MapStand HUB Environment
How is geospatial data supporting the energy transition?

Covid-19 was, without doubt, the major talking point of 2020 and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The ...

Capterio - Flare Map with MapStand layer
Burning bright: How collaboration and data integration shed light on global flaring

Integrating MapStand data with FlareIntel has been an unquestioned success. The tool now has over 500 regular users, a number ...

Licensing Round
What happened to Upstream oil and gas licensing rounds during the pandemic?

In the past 15 months, the world has needed to face the unexpected challenge of COVID-19. This period has been ...

North Sea
Mapping the changing landscape of the North Sea

Our founder, Francis Cram, has recently hosted a webinar called ‘Mapping The Changing Landscape of the North Sea’ and in ...

global community
Upskilling in a downturn

In the first edition of the MapStand Monthly Mashup (sign up to the app to get our updates), we discussed ...

Somalia Basins
In Focus: Oil and Gas in Somalia

Somalia has an intriguing history both politically and geologically, but the country has largely been overlooked. Widely regarded as hugely ...

Geological map of the Kwanza Basin
The hidden potential of onshore Angola

ANPG, the Angolan National Agency for Oil & Gas has plans to make available 7 blocks of the Lower Congo ...