We are delighted to share with you details of the latest additions to the MapStand Community in our December 2019 Release:

Professional Profiles

This enables you to place your knowledge and experience on the map, allowing you to keep track of your projects and search for other users.

The Profile panel allows you to build your own geo-tagged profile, placing your knowledge and experience on the map. This is done by describing your education and work projects and linking them to objects on the map e.g. country, well, field, seismic, licensing round etc. This enables other MapStand users to find your profile by selecting map objects in the Info panel.

The Community panel is used to find and view other MapStand users' public profiles. This can be done by using the Search users box to filter by first or last name.

Profile feature in MapStand


This allows you to "retrace your steps” and has been one of the most requested features. You now have the ability to go back and forward using the browser's back and forward buttons.


We have enabled one click view of the assets belonging to a country of company.

Simply type in the name of the country or company in the Search Bar and select it in the Info panel. The map will then display all assets associated with that country or company. You will also find that the News and Community panels are also filtered based on this selection.

Search one click view feature

Search results are narrowed by adding more information e.g. oil field BP united kingdom

The search will return objects from the database where all words specified are present in any of the objects' attributes.

Layer Management

Switched on layers are highlighted in the Layers panel. This assist with creating a one-click overview of all company assets and country overviews.

When you first login to MapStand the following layers are automatically switched on. These are now highlighted to make them stand out.

Layer feature in MapStand

All asset layers associated with the selected feature are automatically switched on (and highlighted) and displayed on the map. For example if you select a company/country in the Info panel, all the asset layers for that company/country will be displayed on the map. This gives you a one click overview of all assets associated with a company/country.

New Data Sources

Data points for 175 countries have been updated and Hungary, India, Lithuania and Peru have been rebuilt using new data sources

See these features demonstrated in the video below...

For more information and demos, please visit MapStand Support. Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback. Keep it coming! Together we can build a great community.