We’re handing back control of industry intelligence to E&P professionals

It’s long been an open secret in the oil and gas industry that getting hold of business intelligence typically involves a costly subscription commitment from one of a handful of big research firms. Even then, the task of locating exactly the information we need often requires the skills of a specialist researcher. If these weren’t enough challenges, compounding the problem further are the potential issues around the veracity and timeliness of data, as well as expensive subscriptions often providing superfluous and unwanted services and data.

While these obstacles don’t necessarily impact the majors, it can be a frustrating process for individuals and smaller to medium-sized firms. Our CTO, Founder and geologist, Francis Cram – along with geologist Simon Lunn - were just such two professionals in need of vital data to support their work at a small UK independent. Deciding there must be a better way, they conceived of an innovative – even disruptive – idea to create a more democratic upstream industry intelligence resource, giving greater access to the most budget-constrained E&P professional. And the vision was realised in October this year.

After intense development work, Francis and team have managed to unlock previously hard to access but essential upstream information for oil and gas professionals. As with other business disruptors, we are challenging – and changing - the rules. In what is a world-first, the MapStand platform provides access to a free (yes, you read that correctly), real-time and trusted upstream industry intelligence. Our software interface is easy to navigate and gives our users access to a vast amount of data on global E&P activities, opening a world of project opportunities.

Mapstand Team

The platform is enabled by powerful, geo-related search capabilities, so users can locate precisely the information they need on E&P projects, licenses, assets, infrastructure, events and planned activity as well as new exploration opportunities.

And leaving the traditional E&P industry databases behind, users can also upload their profiles and can link them to relevant projects and assets to further highlight experience and competencies. Our geo-tagged daily news feeds also keep users up to date with global E&P events, putting industry news into context on the map. And in a latest update, our MapStand platform will soon allow users to connect with their peers and industry experts to share knowledge and experience.

Individual subscribers have completely free access to MapStand’s global activity map to search project and company information; receive live upstream oil and gas news feeds; upload their profile; and will soon be able search and connect with other professionals. For individuals that are looking for greater functionality and resources, we offer a professional level subscription.

MapStand launch.png

A further fee-based subscription will enable enterprise subscribers to directly stream or download digital data layers into their own in-house systems or to their projects, without the need for special tools or software and under flexible data licensing terms.

To learn more about the MapStand platform, tune into Francis Cram’s interview.