As we continue on our mission to provide low-cost, easy access to geospatial data, we want to make it easy for our subscribers (and soon-to-be subscribers) to understand how to make the most of our products.

That's why we are introducing our new webinar series, offering you the opportunity to discover each month a new aspect of our solutions, data, and industry insights.

It will also be a great opportunity to meet the MapStand team live and ask them all of your burning questions directly.

We have many exciting online events coming up in the next few weeks:

  • 'MapStand Webinar Series - Tracking activities with the MapStand geotagged newsfeed' on July 20th at 1pm - BST
    • Find out more and register here

  • 'MapStand Webinar Series - Discover the MapStand HUB' on August 10th at 1pm - BST
    • Find out more and register here

... and many more to be announced soon!

Register today using the links above, and be the first one to know how to make the most of the MapStand products!