Did you know the MapStand platform includes an online community to help you track your experiences, promote products and find opportunities?

At MapStand we believe the biggest asset in the oil and gas industry is not the data that we work on, but the people. You. As the industry moves into a new era it is the knowledge and experience held by every one of us that will make the difference.

So, how are we going to understand and leverage our collective knowledge and experience? Well, for a start you can sign up to MapStand for free, build an interactive profile of the places you have worked or studied and gain access to our growing community.

Why create a MapStand profile?

Creating a MapStand Community profile opens up opportunities for all kinds of different users who want to share their knowledge, experience or current projects. Start a profile today and you can:

  • Track your skills and competencies
  • Share knowledge and experience
  • Generate ideas
  • Expand your network and discover new opportunities


Keeping track of all the research from your university days can be a challenge. By starting a Student profile you'll never lose access to the essential knowledge you've gained; sections you have interpreted, reports and thesis projects. And they won't end up gathering dust in old notebooks in the loft (like mine did!)

Student Community member Yohanes Nuwara from Indonesia is looking to the future. His recent project on characterization of carbonate reef reservoirs using seismic inversion and seismic attribute techniques on the Gundih Field is the site of a potential CO2 capture and storage project - the first in Indonesia.

Yohannes Nuwara Profile

If you're looking for new employment opportunities, you can also use your MapStand profile to advertise your expertise making it easier for your dream role to find you!


Consultant Steve Bottomley of Upstream Consultants is one of those rare experts whose knowledge and experience spans the globe. Steve's profile allows companies to find and share in this knowledge, avoiding costly mistakes and repetition.

Steve Bottomley Profile

A MapStand Consultant profile allows you to add past projects with a few clicks, and by keeping track of even the small things, your knowledge and experiences can be found and shared with the right people.


Looking to promote a farmout? Simply add the asset you are promoting to your MapStand profile and add links to flyers or brochures, don't forget to include contact details so interested parties can contact you directly.

Niels Arveschoug, CEO of NSNR MapStand Profile

Niels Arveschoug CEO of NSNR has added the flyer for the monster Devil’s Hole Horst prospect to his profile as well as his contact details. NSNR have plans to get listed on the London Aim market this year and have kicked of the IPO process. The aim is to raise finance to cover a new high resolution 3D survey that will bring the Devil’s Hole Horst up to Ready To Drill status.


MapStand Community member Calin Dragoie with Chinook Consulting Services is based in Calgary. Chinook's experience however, including geoscience studies, geosteering and well-site geology is global. Calin has used his MapStand Profile to highlight just some of the key wells and licenses Chinook have worked on so far.

Calin Dragoie Profile

Your MapStand profile can help the right people find you based on your past projects all via an interactive map.

Multi-Client Data Sales

Searching for data or trying to sell Multi-client datasets… your MapStand Profile is the place to do it. Add seismic surveys, well studies, reports or any data or services related to objects on our maps to your profile with a few clicks. I did this on my profile with work I did for Corelabs as part of the “East Africa - Phase I - Reservoirs and Seals Tanzania” study.

Sian Grant MapStand Profile

Your MapStand profile gives you visibility to potential clients. Community member Sian Grant from GeoProvider has used her profile to highlight the multi-client databases available in the Barents sea and Norwegian Sea.

How to build your MapStand community profile

Building a profile is easy. Add something to your profile from the map, and you’re on the map!. Anything can be added and grouped into projects for easy access. For a guide to setting up your MapStand community profile, take a look at this article available on our Support portal.

To allow other members of the MapStand community to contact you, consider adding your phone number, email address and links to your website, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

If you need help, have any queries or suggestions – we’d love to hear from you. Just select the Help button on the platform or email Support

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