GeoTagged NewsFeed API (HUB Add-on)

Bringing you all relevant information about the areas you’re interested in, multiple times a day.

Why choose us?

Say goodbye to trawling countless sites in order to find the energy news and information you need.
We automatically assign relevant news articles from respected sources to each mapped area.
This solution comes as an add-on of our MapStand HUB product.

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Extensive information

Any news on lease rounds, bids, commercial updates and much more will be included and tagged to specific locations.

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Easily integrate the MapStand newsfeed to your own system using our NewsFeed API.



All information provided in the newsfeed is linked to the original source with time and date. Have confidence in the data provided.

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Add specific filters to the newsfeed, allowing you to get all of what you need and none of what you don’t.

Case Study - Elsevier

MapStand’s collaboration with Elsevier provides daily updates from over 40 countries, including information on lease rounds, bids and commercial updates, all spatially tagged and linked to related content. Find out how the geo-tagged newsfeed API has been a game changer for analytics company Elsevier.

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