Energy Transition Datasets

MapStand allows you to track changes to the energy industry with our geospatial energy datasets so you can gain a full overview and understanding of the global energy industry as it evolves. Track Energy Transition and make data-enabled decisions with our Infrastructure and Renewable Energy datasets. Our datasets are updated several times a day from trustworthy sources.

Key Energy Transition Datasets

Using our Energy Transition Datasets

Integrated Datasets

Energy Transition describes the changes to the energy system required to decarbonise both electricity production and high CO2 emitting industrial processes.

Transition starts with where we are today, described in MapStand’s Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Power Plant, and Renewables databases. However, looking ahead, changes will have to occur at all levels to all datasets. A low carbon future needs an integrated energy system.

Energy Transition News

Our interactive newsfeed tracks companies active in Energy Transition including Energy Producers, Technology Providers and Service Providers.

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