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MapStand allows you to access upstream oil and gas geospatial data and gain full visibility into the oil and gas industry. View essential industry news, analysis and data focused on oil and gas exploration. Our datasets are updated several times a day from trustworthy sources.

Key Oil and Gas Datasets

Additional Oil and Gas datasets

Prospects and Leads

Prospects and Leads

Prospects and Leads are structures or sites where there is a high possibility of finding hydrocarbons. A lead is generally higher risk and will require further technical work before it is drill-ready. Prospects should be well defined with good seismic coverage and many of the key parameters are derisked.

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For more advanced attributes talk to us about our Advanced Undiscovered Accumulation layer.

Admin Areas

Admin Areas

Administrative Areas show countries or jurisdictions that manage Oil and Gas or Energy Licensing. This can be done at Country, State, Territory or Regional level.

Within this layer, we include some areas which overlap due to disputes or unresolved territorial claims. In such cases, we try and show both sides of the claim without making a judgement on the validity of the claim.

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Rigs and Vessels

Rigs and Vessels

We track a fleet of key Oil Rigs and Vessels, locations are updated based on satellite AIS provided by Fleetmon. Rigs include Jack-ups, Semi-subs, Drill Ships and Barges. Vessels include Seismic, Offshore Support, Pipe-layer and Wind Support vessels.

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Geological Basins

Global Sedimentary Basins

The Geological Basins layer describes the geological basins which are part of the global activity map.

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