MapStand Hub - Cloud hosted Energy Transition Data and Visualisations

The MapStand Hub is a custom web mapping application that integrates seamlessly with all GIS mapping systems.

Why choose us?

The MapStand Hub allows your business to go deeper in your analysis, with exciting features that can’t be found anywhere else

Key features

The MapStand Hub gives you more autonomy in how you use MapStand’s technology, with the ability to build your own custom web maps, design custom dashboards, access exclusive layers and more.

Additional features

Easy integration

Through our API - OGC web services, MapStand Hub data easily integrates into whatever system you’re currently using. WMS, WFS and more - we have the capabilities to integrate with all of them.


Customise permissions of custom built maps for remote teams to access and update data at ease. Anytime, anywhere.

Licensing round tracker

View the latest licence round statuses, dates, subareas, owners and descriptions for each block. Our traffic light map makes this information quick and easy to interpret.

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We’re on hand when you need us. Pop us a question or leave us some feedback via the Help widget.

Oil and gas mapping

Our easy-to-use professional mapping tool allows you to explore different assets, test out various layers, and gather large quantities of spatial data via our interactive gas and oil rig map. Our mapping software provides everything you need to make informed business decisions and maximise your return on investment.

Oil and gas dashboard

Our oil and gas dashboard provides a real-time visual representation and gives you a comprehensive insight into the data. The dashboard makes it easy to monitor particular areas and analyse historic trends.

Oil and gas analytics

The MapStand Hub utilises the latest oil and gas analytics software to obtain real-time data that is accurate and reliable. Our premium platform allows you to customise oil and gas analytics and tailor searches to your requirements.

Renewable energy analytics

Our software leverages advanced renewable energy analytics to give you real-time data and rapid insight into the renewable energy sector. By applying renewable energy analytics and artificial intelligence, your company can identify industry trends and predict events to make more informed business decisions.

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